The Red Z28

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1995 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 Convertible, red, black top, graphite leather.

From different sources I have tried to complete a list with historical information about The Red Z28. I do still miss the first registered owner in Sweden, aslo the milage reading from the first registration in Sweden, but I hope to get this information to complete the list...

I bought the car 11/05/2003, not much were wrong except for some lights that were with wrong color and/or not working. Okey, one thing was not so good, I heard a sound from the rear when I firts drove the car. My guess was that there were some thing wrong with the rear axle. But with warranty from the dealer I bought the car. My guess were right, it was the right wheel bearing on the rear axle that was bad. Got it fixed on the warranty. I also fixed all lights so that the car meet the rules in Sweden. During that first winter I also got my hands on a set of original rims, and spring 2004 I bought new tires in original dimensuions and had the rims and tires on for the first summer.

What more, late summer 2005 the switch on the drivers side for the electric window gave up! This happened on a rainy weekend with the window down and about 300km from home... A friend that also got a Camaro were on the same trip so I got to borrow his switch so I could get the window up. The next week I bought a new switch.

During the end of summer 2005 the original radio were showing some problems, one of them were that it could not play CD.

Spring 2006, a new radio is in place. But I have not decided if I need a sub-woofer or not, it could make a better sound...

Here I have collected some TechInfo for The Red Z28.
The RPO for The Red Z28, it is not complete, I do miss some information, if you know some thing that I haven't written in the list, please drop me a mail.